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The Gcinamasiko Arts and Heritage Trust is a Non Profit, Public Benefit Trust founded in 2012 on the success of its founder and  Executive Director, actress and storyteller, Dr Gcina Mhlophe.  Dr Mhlophe explains her inspiration “my own people have named me Gcinamasiko, which means the keeper-of-heritage, I wear this name like a blanket and honor it with my being”. Establishing The Gcinamasiko Arts and Heritage Trust is true testimony of Gcina Mhlophe’s commitment to preserving oral history and educating all South Africans towards an understanding of the value and role of Oral Tradition in a modern South Africa society.



Mission Statement

The GCINAMASIKO ARTS and HERITAGE TRUST is committed to preserving oral history, providing writing, story-creation and storytelling opportunities and enhancing a culture of reading within both established institutions (especially those who have poor access to resources) and the public arena of South Africa using the medium of edutainment as a basis for delivery of its aims and objectives.

Aims and Objectives

  • Contribute to the heritage of story-telling as an art-form through festivals, mentoring, training, public debates and performances

  • Establish programmes that give the broader public access to facilities that allow them to share their own stories, histories and experiences

  • To promote a culture of reading and writing through skills-transfer workshops and performances at schools

  • Programmes implemented will include a strong focus on empowering women and the girl-child whilst ensuring that men and the boy-child are not excluded

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