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"Until we see a brighter future in our children's eyes, not much of what we do today has any value"

Dr Gcina Mhlophe - Founder of GAHT

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We post about our events to keep you in the loop and able to save the date on time. 

During the COVID19 pandemic our events continue to come alive on our social media pages. From book readings to virtual Storytelling Tree performances and interviews with local legends.

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Gcinamasiko Celebrates 10 Years in 2022!

View some of our journey through our YouTube channel.

 Begin with this short documentary of our flagship project which has now been running for 20 years.

What we do

GAHT is a Non Profit, Public Benefit Trust founded in 2012 by Dr Gcina Mhlophe, which is committed to preserving oral history, providing writing, story-creation and storytelling opportunities and enhancing a culture of reading within both established institutions and the public arena of South Africa.

Fancy Bird

 Dr Gcina Mhlophe

and Trustees

Gcinamasiko Arts & Heritage Trust was founded by storyteller, writer, poet, actress, director and public speaker, Dr Gcina Mhlophe in 2012. It is led by her as the Executive Director along with her team of trustees.


Our Projects

GAHT  acts as the umbrella body for campaigns that work towards improving literacy in South Africa and heritage preservation through arts and education. 

Past Events

GAHT has taken on projects that have been running since 2001, such as the Nozincwadi literacy campaign. It has been hosting events since its formation in 2012 and continues to develop new events both in the live space and the virtual world.

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Retail Store

Dr Gcina Mhlophe has authored over 18 books as well as composed an produced CDs and most of them are easily available online. follow our retail store links to get your own copies or find out more information from the suggested websites.

Our Partners

GAHT has been able to make an impact through the unyielding support and partnership of its donors, sponsors and sister organisations. 

All Hands In

Annual Events Calendar

All of our events are  FREE ENTRY.

Should you wish join our mailing list please email us your details at

21 February

Mother Tongue Day

On this day we celebrate the beauty of our mother tongues, not only South African but from all nationalities, through the arts.

08 March

Spirit of Light Celebration

An event that highlights the s/heroes of our nation and communities today who shine a light even in the darkest times. We bathe in a lake of positivity.

23 April

World Book Day

A celebration of literature especially that from Africa, including book reviews in various languages by scholars and discussions about the significance of books in our lives.

25 May

Africa Day

Our beautiful continent comes alive on our stages with representatives from all over Africa. We celebrate our pride in our cultures and uniqueness as Africans.

16 June

Honour & Learn from Heroes & Sheroes of June 16

A seminar that allows a cross generational interaction about 16 June 1976 as well as the state of the youth in present day.

8 September

International Literacy Day

Another world celebrated day that allows us to reinforce our passion for literacy in our nation. We celebrate the forms of knowledge that exist, both ancient word of mouth and that which can now be written and archived.

24 October

National Storytelling Day

This day falls on the birthday of our founder member and master storyteller, Dr Mhlophe. It is an events to honour the role that stories have in nation building and heritage preservation.



In support of the Memory House Oral History Museum 

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